Riot !n Paris - Track Me

With all of the information people post about themselves on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and other social media sites, it is incredibly simple to know a complete stranger without actually knowing them. And not only that, but with the information available, it's even possible to write an entire song about them.

In an effort to gain some life-long fans and create a little buzz around their upcoming album, Brooklyn band, Riot !n Paris, locked themselves in a studio for four weeks to write, record and release brand new songs just based off random strangers' social media profiles. Anyone who wanted their own personalized track just had to click the 'Track Me' button on which simultaneously sent a tweet to the band asking them to check out the fan's social media profiles. If their posts were juicy enough, a song was created just for them.

The revolutionary collision of social media and music made Riot !n Paris' Track Me an instant success. The project was immediately picked up by Washington Post, Fast Company, MTV and their O Music Awards, Creativity, and many more news sources. Throughout the campaign's four week period, Riot !n Paris released 18 songs, increased their fanbase by 20%, and received thousands of tweets for tracks from United States, Germany, England, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, China, and other far away lands. The whole world asked for their own personalized song.

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